It isn’t easy to pass the DP-203 examination. People spend 20 hours on the DP 203 exam training, many more additional hours on reading, practice exams, figuring out various tools, and so on. It will be highly convenient for you if you have a background in Data Engineering. Although that particular background is not required, you can develop your concepts on some key Data Engineering topics, and you will get an idea of what data engineering is.  

It is recommended that you be familiar with cloud computing as well. You need to work hard to crack this examination. It is wise to practise a lot for the exam as it will bring you success. Nowadays, DP-203 certification is mentioned as a requirement in every data engineer job description.  

Is an Online Course Necessary?

If you plan to take up the DP-203 exam training seriously, you should take a paid online course. You will learn about various tips and strategies from industry experts. You will have credible in-house trainers to reach out to if you need assistance or guidance. There are abundant resources available in the market. So, use them to your advantage and make a successful career.

It makes it challenging to figure out the source that will be beneficial for you and aid you in your preparation. Apart from that, having a mentor will streamline your process, and hopefully, you will not make the mistakes they have made during their preparation. Apart from preparing for the examination, you will get all the skills to perform the data engineer roles and responsibilities with utmost proficiency.  

How to Learn to Analyse Questions?

You need to master reading a question and analysing it accordingly and effectively. The questions usually depict a particular scenario. You must explore the procedure very well to figure out the answer. This skill will later aid you in fulfilling many data engineer responsibilities. Additionally, you need help understanding where a question will lead the first time you read it. At that time, you can quickly scan the answers to find something relevant to the question, recognise the clue and jump on that. The questions require picking up on multiple clues, so you must be smart about that. This skill will quickly come with loads and loads of practice.  

In addition, another popular method is the elimination method, where you can eliminate the wrong answers and then figure out which solution can go best with the question. But make sure you take your time to read every question thoroughly, or you will end up with a negative mark.  

Things to Keep in Mind 

  • This exam has a comprehensive syllabus, and you cannot possibly know everything. Occasionally, you may get wildcard questions that do not relate to data and bring in Azure services. If that happens and you do not know about those services, you can guess your way and try your luck with your limited idea. However, learning about these skills can boost your data engineering skills.  
  • It is worth knowing about Cosmos DB as it is a new part of the Azure data stack, and questions from this area frequently creep in. Hence, you should be prepared for the worst. Also, if you know beforehand what a data engineer does, it will be easier to crack the examination.  
  • It would be best if you didn’t try to cover everything in the syllabus. You will have considerable portions to master and concepts to grasp in a limited period. Apart from that, you also have to practise in many test papers to know how to apply the concepts and reach the correct answer. Therefore, consult with your mentor and figure out the essential concepts you must know. Mastering those important concepts will make you fit for the data engineer role


You need the right strategy and study smartly for the DP-203 examination, as innovative work will ultimately determine if you will succeed in this area. So, enrol yourself in a credible DP-203 exam training and diligently prepare. There are several advantages of having the DP-203 certification. Data Engineer salaries are already very high nowadays, and with this certification, you can easily enjoy more significant salary benefits.

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