There is really no better way to celebrate anything, from birthdays to graduations, significant holidays to modest workday victories. Something isn’t so fantastic? The concept of icing and decorating a cake can be intimidating if you’re not an expert baker. Fortunately, we have plenty of suggestions for you if you are planning to order cakes online in Delhi, ranging from quite straightforward activities to more complex projects. Consider getting some inspiration from these cake decorating ideas; they’re all eye-catching enough to make anyone feel particularly special.

Buttercream and Frosting 

The fact that buttercream comes in so many variations, including American, Swiss, and French, means that it is perfect for use as a cake covering and filling. It’s easy to flavour extracts, chocolate, spreads, sauces, and even dried fruit powders. You can either go all out with piping if you’re just learning how to decorate cakes, or you can delicately garnish it with a naked technique. The only tools required for spreading buttercream and producing gorgeous, smooth edges, respectively, are a cake scraper and an offset palette knife.

Melted Chocolate and Ganache

Because it spreads easily and gives cakes a drip impression, ganache is perfect for frosting and filling cakes. When making the frosting and filling, it is recommended to melt the chocolate first before adding the cream to it. After that, allow the ganache to cool so that writing on it may be done easily because it dries out very quickly. If it is topped with delicious brownies or something else, they work well and look good. When cooked over a very low flame, white chocolate melts faster than dark chocolate. It’s because white includes sugar and has a sweet flavour.

Edible Flowers on Top of the Cake

Flowers have a beauty that makes the environment enticing. Flowers are a simple decoration idea that can even have a pleasant impact on our minds and spirits, but how do they relate to food, especially cake? The cake can be decorated with edible flowers, but only if you make sure they are cultivated organically. Remember that only the petals can be used to decorate cakes; the stems must not be used once you have cleaned and dried the flowers you have chosen. It’s not as simple as you may assume to place flowers. Without contaminating the creamy portion, arrange them elegantly, then top them with some water.

Fruit Decoration

Fruit decorations are a simple and energising option for online cake delivery and there are a wide variety of fruits that are ideal for cake toppings. For a touch of simplicity and greenery, think of seasonal foods and use fresh fruits and herbs. Fruit cakes are always a favourite, so save the addition of those for last. Fruits that are wet may cause the cream topping to slide or melt more quickly.

There are numerous and diverse fruits that taste great as cake toppings, ranging from fresh raspberries to dried raisins. A wonderful method to preserve items in season is to decorate a cake with fruit. Be sure to add fresh fruit just before serving if you’re using it. The buttercream or cream topping may move or slightly melt if your fruit is moist.


There is a high demand for simple cake delivery but cakes cannot have their tops left unfilled. Sprinklers, which may be spread out in the proper shape, can aid in capturing the attraction. It is one of the simplest methods for decorating cakes and can be used on plain cakes. To create a straightforward but stunning-looking cake, sprinkle the sprinklers into the mould of your selected shape, sprinkle filling inside the shape, and fill in the space.

Desiccated Coconut

Cakes can be decorated using coconut. It looks equally as good as sugar sprinkles or sweets while being a healthy alternative. Put a thin layer of buttercream or ganache on your cake, then press coconut into it. Almost any cake, from those with lighter flavours like vanilla and lemon to those with richer ones like chocolate and carrot cake, can be covered with coconut because it is so light. To get the coconut flakes to attach to the cake once you’ve dispersed them, carefully press them into a sheet of baking parchment.

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